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Webro Building Use

Hello All,

Now that our Parsippany building is up and running I am working on a process for building-usage requests.

I am using a facilities management app (eSpace) that lets me manage events taking place in the first floor of the broadcast campus. I want to share the calendar that shows all events being booked and the reasoning behind this process.

Why not just Google Calendar?

I debated using Google Calendar since it’s a tool we are all familiar with, but a facility of this size introduces complexities that Google Calendar cannot handle. Furthermore, eSpace allows integration with CCB (I will begin looking into this VERY soon) and our existing HVAC system (booked events automatically schedule HVAC system).

When do events have to be booked through eSpace?

The general rule is that any event or recurring meeting taking place in the first floor of the building or in the office well outside of regular office hours (Mon-Fri, ~8am-7pm) must be on the eSpace calendar. This helps avoid any scheduling conflicts, helps schedule building systems (HVAC, Lightning, Access), and ensures the general safety of its occupants.

How can I access the eSpace calendar?

You can view the eSpace calendar here. There is an option to subscribe to the calendar through Google Calendar (i.e. this calendar will show up as a separate calendar on your Google Calendar) but some people have had trouble with this. Once I look into it I’ll enable this feature.

How to I book an event/meeting on eSpace?

The event request form is still not online. I am fine-tuning this form and will soon make it available to everyone (staff only). For now, please:

1. Check the facilities/eSpace calendar to make sure the room/space is not already booked.

2. Email me (Jaime) to book the room.

The short version:Events and recurring meetings taking place in the first floor of the broadcast campus, or in the office well outside of regular business hours, need to be booked through eSpace. I need to be made aware of any building usage to make sure systems are in place and operational.

Once I make updates to the system I will send a follow-up email.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Click onWebro Building Use to download the pdf version of this page.

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