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HR Year End Process

Step 1: Review – Personal Progress Discussions (Due Nov 30)

Big Idea

Every year, staff members have a meeting with their manager called the Personal Progress Discussion (PPD). The goal of the PPD is to check in with each of our staff about how they are doing personally/spiritually, open the lines of communication about the year and talk about how to approach next year. In this review you’ll answer questions like “What was your best day this year?” and “Have you had good margin this year?” You will also answer questions from the 3 Staff Values Assessments.  You’ll review those answers in the PPD meeting with your manager. We complete this process in ADP.

Milestone Dates

Oct 18
PPD Forms are released to Staff to fill out
Nov 1
Staff should have their PPD Forms done
Nov 30
Staff have met with their manager to discuss Form
Nov 30
Manager’s notes entered in Review Form
Dec 1
Manager releases Form to Staff


Training Videos

Filling out your PPD Form
Filling out your Review Form & Releasing to Staff (Managers Only)

What if I forgot my ADP username and password?
Email Sara Crippen ([email protected]) for help.

For Managers

What if someone just started at Liquid?
If you have a staff member that started at Liquid after September 1st, you do not need to do a PPD with them.

When should I schedule my PPD meetings? How long should they be?
My recommendation is to schedule these meetings between Nov 1st – Nov 15th, so you have plenty of time to enter your notes from the meeting before Nov 30th.

Pro Tip: Schedule at least 1.5 hours and don’t put them back to back, just in case one goes long. If you already have a 1:1 scheduled with them in the first two weeks of November, simply change the topic to PPD and expand the time, if needed.

How should I prepare for the PPD conversation?


What if I have indirect reports?
Indirect reports are people that directly report to another person, but you have some level of influence/support in their role (think: Worship Leaders and Family Coordinators). You are going to be a Contributor to the PPD just like their direct manager. Make sure to contact their direct manager as soon as possible, to plan to be included in the PPD meeting.
To fill out their review form, go to My Team > Talent > Performance Dashboard to access their form, just like any other Direct Reports.
You should complete your review by Nov 30th in ADP.

Step 2: Refocus – SMART Goals (Due Dec 31)

Big Idea

What are you going to be working towards next year? Writing SMART Goals answers this question.
By December 31st, you should have created and reviewed your SMART Goals with your manager.
SMART Goals are directly related to the Organizational Goals, so be sure to review these in comparison with your 2018 SMART Goals, to see where they align.
Goals should follow the SMART acronym:

S – Specific:
Is your goal narrowed down and specific enough?
M – Measurable:
Can your goal be measured? How will you know when you’ve accomplished it?
A – Attainable:
Is this goal realistic for you to accomplish in the next year?
R – Relevant:
Is this goal relevant to where you want to be in the next year?
T – Time Bound:
Is there a deadline?


The goal is to write at least one SMART Goal in three different categories:

Personal/Spiritual Life
an area where you want to grow personally/spiritually in the next year
Professional Life
your role at Liquid and taking it to the next level
Leadership Development
Hero Maker – identify one or two items to give up this year, hand-off to volunteer and one or two items to take on in an expanded role


Milestone Dates

Dec 1
All SMART Goals for 2018 should be in ADP


Training Videos

Adding SMART Goals in ADP
Viewing SMART Goals for my Staff (Managers Only)

Step 3: Revise – Job Description (Due Dec 31)

Big Idea

An accurate Job Description, including RACI is essential within any organization. It gives you a clear understanding of what you’re responsible for, and a place to go if there is confusion. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an updated Job Description and RACI chart.

Managers will be responsible for submitting any proposed revisions to Sara Crippen (via email) by December 31st. If you do not wish to propose any revisions, you don’t need to take any action.

Milestone Dates

Dec 31
Review your current Job Description with your manager and propose any changes


Training Videos

How to access Job Descriptions in Google Drive

Special Instructions for Volunteer Staff to Access ADP

Step 1: Go to and click “Register Here”.
Step 2: Enter the Registration Code “96Motown-ADP”.
Step 3: Locate your Associate ID here.
Step 4: Enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and the Associate ID provided to you.
Tip: Spell your name exactly as it is written on the excel spreadsheet with your Associate ID.
Step 5: Provide your email address.
Step 6: Choose a user ID, password and answer 3 security questions.
Step 7: Click “Register Now”.

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